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Activities & Trips

Full day experiences include:

1-Day Tour: Let’s Rock Your Day

Spend the day walking around Australia’s oldest iconic features, the Sydney Rocks, take photos of the Sydney Opera House and walk across The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

1-Day Tour: Take Your Breath Away

Take the 30 min Sydney Ferry across Sydney Harbour to Manly beach to discover the most breathtaking views in the world. Have a chance to explore the Australian coastline including China Beach.

Sydney – Mosnan – Chinamans beach

2-Day Turner Summer Peak

Visit places that will leave you with an intercultural experience you will never forget.  Explore the most beautiful and untouched places in Australia and take back photos too good to be true!  Literally the ‘peak point’ of your visit. During the evening students will have a truly Aussie teenager experience – ghost crabbing!

1-Day Tour: Scared to Death

Did you know that Australia is home to 10 of the deadliest creatures in the world?  Let’s make friends with our venomous species.

  • Sydney Funnel-web Spider (Atrax robustus)

  • Giant Centipede, Ethmostigmus rubripes

Sydney Aquarium – Venomous Species

Australian Museum – Dangerous Australians

1-Day Tour: Aussie Sport

You can’t visit Australia without getting involved in sport. Students will have a whole lot of fun learning about Aussie sports and playing with their mates (an Aussie expression for ‘friend’), at the famous Bondi Beach.

1-Day Tour – Australian Museum

Everything you need to know about Australian science, culture, history, animals and education:

Australian Museum

Optional daytime activities:

  1. Take your experience to new levels and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Bridge Climb

  1. Take an up close and personal tour through the Opera House

Sydney Opera House – What’s on

  1. Ride the glass bottom boat to get an up close and personal view of Sydney Sea Life

Sydney Aquarium – Glass Bottom Boat

  1. Experience Australian aboriginal culture

Australian Museum – Tourist Packages

  1. Beach fishing off 9-Mile Beach
  1. Optional evening activities
  • Cinemas
  • Sydney’s Luna park rides

Luna Park – Sydney

Graduation Ceremony and Karaoke Party

Turner English always hates to say goodbye but if we have to, we do it with a lot of fun. Students are awarded a Graduation Certificate at the end of their stay and we always have a lot of fun, games and awards for your students.